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Cleaning Supplies in Restoration Industry

Technique & Experience

Some people find this hard to believe but cleaning is actually a science. There is training, and certification given to top cleaning companies. Flood Specialists is one of them!

Cleaning Supplies - Water Damage Removal
Cleaning Supplies – Water Damage Removal

Cleaning is more complex than just wiping something with a wet towel. Each type of cleaning job requires special techniques to ensure and bacteria, germs, mold or mildrew are killed. The same is true for deodorizing.

Water in Basement?

Water in Basement?

Don’t delay the cleanup process because the longer the water stays there, the more water vapor gets into the air. This will penitrate your walls, ceilings, clothing, just about everything and leaves everything smelling musty. Then comes the mold.


Already have Mold?

Mold can NOT be cleaned with bleach alone. It will return because of the molecular structure of bleach which cannot penetrate the smallest cracks where mold spores hide. Professional strength mold cleaner must be used to clean mold.

flood damage restoration
Water damage, drying process after flood

Flood Specialists, Inc.

Emergency Water & Fire Restoration and Biohazard Cleaning
Emergency Water & Fire Restoration and Construction
Disaster strikes when you least expect it. That’s why Flood Specialists, Inc.  is available 24/7 to restore your business or home back to its normal condition.


Heat Drying

With TES we dry two to three times faster than conventional drying and faster than every other heat system on the market by directing the heat to the water in wet materials TES will outperform EVERY other drying system to restore losses faster, drastically limiting replacement and reconstruction and having happier adjusters, agents and policyholders.

DIRECTED HEAT DRYING™ – A Faster Way to Dry!
TES stands for Thermal Energy System and represents a practical way to implement a new understanding of the Science of Drying that will allow restorers to dry wet structures at least twice as fast as ever before! TES will completely dry Class 1 and 2 water losses involving up to 1500 sq. ft. in 30 hours or even faster! Class 3 and 4 losses will take longer to dry but will still dry dramatically faster than conventional drying systems.How It WorksEvaporation has always been the bottleneck of drying. Most contractors know from experience that up to 97% of the water can be removed from the structure, carpet and pad with good extraction (usually within two hours of arrival on the job).

It’s evaporation of the remaining 3% of the water that’s taking too long! Even with good temperature control, air movement and dehumidification, most restorers are reporting 3 to 5 days for total drying.

A New Understanding of Drying Science

Water exists in three different phases – solid, liquid and vapor. Energy (heat) and airflow applied to directly to water (liquid) will speed the phase change to vapor causing evaporation. You have experienced this all your life! For example, how can you step out of a long shower into a small bathroom with water condensed on the all the surfaces, including the fogged mirror and even have visible vapor (steam), yet dry your hair with a hair dryer?

Or, why does it take water from an aquarium so long to evaporate, but a pot of water on a stove burner will evaporate very quickly? The answer is, of course, energy in the form of heat.

How to Speed Up the Evaporation Process

The force that motivates moisture to move is vapor pressure. If you have high vapor pressure in one room and lower vapor pressure in the room next to it, vapor will move from higher vapor pressure to lower until the pressure equalizes.

Evaporation takes place when the vapor pressure of the liquid is greater than the vapor pressure of the air. The higher the vapor pressure in the water at the surface and the lower the vapor pressure in the air at that surface, the faster evaporation takes place. This is the key to drying faster!

TES Thermal Energy System

TES is a unique, patent-pending water damage restoration system that utilizes Directed Heat Drying™ and the “Reets Evaporation Method” combining controlled heat and air flow to produce high-speed evaporation, dramatically improving the drying process for the fastest drying ever!

Flood Mitigation (a.k.a. Water Damage Restoration)

Flood Mitigation & Flood Damage Professionals

When minutes count and quality matters, choose Chicago’s leader in water damage, fire, and biohazard cleaning.

Flood Mitgation

  • Water Removal/Extraction
    We safely remove all types of water from your property. This includes clear water, mud, rain, sewage and river overflow.
  • Dry and Dehumidify
    Building structures including walls, wood floors, carpets, ceilings, and furniture. Wet documents and books can also be restored.
  • Cleaning & Restoring
    We will clean, disinfect/sanitize and deodorize the area effected by water damage. Anything damaged is repaired.
  • Insurance Intermediary
    Don’t drown in unnecessary bills by saying the wrong thing to your insurance company. We work with your insurance to get you the highest possible settlement for your claim.