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Cleaning Supplies in Restoration Industry

Technique & Experience

Some people find this hard to believe but cleaning is actually a science. There is training, and certification given to top cleaning companies. Flood Specialists isĀ one of them!

Cleaning Supplies - Water Damage Removal
Cleaning Supplies – Water Damage Removal

Cleaning is more complex than just wiping something with a wet towel. Each type of cleaning job requires special techniques to ensure and bacteria, germs, mold or mildrew are killed. The same is true for deodorizing.

Water in Basement?

Water in Basement?

Don’t delay the cleanup process because the longer the water stays there, the more water vapor gets into the air. This will penitrate your walls, ceilings, clothing, just about everything and leaves everything smelling musty. Then comes the mold.


Already have Mold?

Mold can NOT be cleaned with bleach alone. It will return because of the molecular structure of bleach which cannot penetrate the smallest cracks where mold spores hide. Professional strength mold cleaner must be used to clean mold.

flood damage restoration
Water damage, drying process after flood