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Flood Mitigation (a.k.a. Water Damage Restoration)

Flood Mitigation & Flood Damage Professionals

When minutes count and quality matters, choose Chicago’s leader in water damage, fire, and biohazard cleaning.

Flood Mitgation

  • Water Removal/Extraction
    We safely remove all types of water from your property. This includes clear water, mud, rain, sewage and river overflow.
  • Dry and Dehumidify
    Building structures including walls, wood floors, carpets, ceilings, and furniture. Wet documents and books can also be restored.
  • Cleaning & Restoring
    We will clean, disinfect/sanitize and deodorize the area effected by water damage. Anything damaged is repaired.
  • Insurance Intermediary
    Don’t drown in unnecessary bills by saying the wrong thing to your insurance company. We work with your insurance to get you the highest possible settlement for your claim.